Commissioned research

Survivor perspectives on institutional use of child sexual abuse material

  • Justice
  • Online abuse
  • Victims & survivors
  • Workforce
Project Length
18 months
Project Budget
(funded by National Centre)
Funding Stream

Project Lead

Associate Professor Campbell Wilson, AiLECS Lab, Monash University

Project Team

Dr Gregory Rolan, AiLECS Lab, Monash University

Dr Antonina Lewis, AiLECS Lab, Monash University

Carol Ronken, Bravehearts Foundation

Kelly Humphries, Monash University

Background and Aim

This project will work with victims and survivors of crimes involving child sexual abuse material to investigate attitudes and knowledge about how these materials are used in institutional contexts. This will involve the building of an evidence base and associated recommendations for survivor-centred policy and practice. Further, this project will promote the acknowledgement and incorporation of victim and survivor perspectives in the design and implementation of tools and processes that use child sexual abuse materials during investigation or prosecution, or as data in broader crime prevention research, including development of technology solutions to counter child sexual abuse material.


The study will take a trauma-informed approach towards research co-production with victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. This mixed methods approach will utilise surveys, interviews and validation discussions with victim and survivors, as well as involvement of institutional users of child sexual abuse materials, including support and advocacy organisations.


This is the first study centred on victim and survivor attitudes towards institutional use of child sexual abuse material. Addressing this gap will help to balance benefits that derive from its institutional uses against trauma risks or other impacts that may arise as a consequence of institutional retention, use and sharing of such material.

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