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Concerning misuse of child abuse data feeds misinformation

This week has seen the circulation of misinformation used in support of Peter Dutt…

Designing for Change

In early 2023, the National Centre engaged creative agency Storyfolk to work with…

Why budget transparency is so important in tackling child sexual abuse

With more than 3,000 people in attendance virtually, it was a great privilege to re…

A community is like a jigsaw puzzle

Statement by National Centre CEO Dr Leanne Beagley for National Child Protection

Building capability about child sexual abuse

Over the last year, victims and survivors of child sexual abuse have told the Natio…

Chances are you know someone who has experienced child sexual abuse. Do you know how to respond?

Hearing about a person’s experience of child sexual abuse can be confronting and p…

Is it time to take a closer look at the impact of child sexual abuse education programs?

For a long time now, child sexual abuse education programs — especially those that…

What do we know about how to support adults who have been sexually abused as a child and experience complex trauma?

Last year, the National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse (the National Cent…

Call to Action – the National Centre

Setting a course for focus, action and change to disrupt and abolish the factors th…

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