Adult-led Survivor College Member and CEO speak to ABC North Coast

This week, we were delighted to have one of our Survivor-led Adult College members, Robbie Gambley, and CEO, Dr Leanne Beagley, speak with Bridie Tanner on ABC North Coast about the impact of child sexual abuse and the work of the National Centre.

ABC North Coast presenter Bridie Tanner meets with Adult-Led Survivor College Member Robbie Gambley.

“We have underestimated the extent of child sexual abuse in Australia and we are at a critical juncture as a nation to make sure how we identify and support and respond to children who are experiencing child sexual abuse, but also adults and people who are who are living over their whole lifespan with the impact of child sexual abuse’, said Leanne. “We also need to work together to stop and prevent it from happening.”

For Robbie, being a College member and having the opportunity to contribute to the National Centre’s work and create change he said is an “honour” and something that makes him feel “proud”.

To listen to the interview, go to 2:05 in the recording on the ABC website.


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