In Conversation: Understanding and responding to disclosures of child sexual abuse from children and young people

Challenge 2 and 3 in Here for Change, the National Centre’s Five Year Strategy, highlight that children and young people with experiences of child sexual abuse are often not identified, protected or well supported when they raise concerns or disclose, and when they do they experience disbelief and stigma.

Moderated by National Centre CEO Dr Leanne Beagley, this In Conversation webinar brings together lived experience with insights from research and practice experts to explore how disclosures of child sexual abuse occur for children and young people.  The panel will discuss the importance of  trauma informed responses  so that victims and survivors are believed and supported to heal and recover.

The conversation will unpack:

  • how disclosures occur – what they look like for children and young people including what factors shape the process of disclosure
  • what some of the barriers are that exist to children and young people   telling their story
  • what children and young people need from adults when they disclose

Guest speakers include:

Noel MacNamara, Deputy Director of the Centre for Excellence, and Executive Manager of Policy, Research, and advocacy at the Australian Childhood Foundation

Amanda Morgan, child sexual abuse advocate, activist, speaker and writer. Member of Survivor-led Adult College, National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse.

Professor Patrick O’Leary, researcher on domestic violence, gender-based violence and child protection. 

Toni Cash, Principal Advisor Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, Yourtown.



Time: 1pm-2.30pm AEST (2pm-3.30pm AEDT) 

Where: Online 

Please note this webinar will be recorded.

Featuring a live Q&A session with the speakers, all are welcome.

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